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In-Ear Sono Headphones with Volume control – Black


$19.00 $17.00

Premium quality earphones with mic and volume controls.

Control button answers calls and play/pause music.

Engineered for great sound with full bass.

Compatible with all devices.

Let’s face it, ears come in different shapes and sizes, so why do earphones come in only one standard size? We believe in products that are not only designed for life, but also designed for everyone. Introducing our SONO Earbud, with medium sized buds and extra silicon tips in small and large to fit every ear size and shape. These Sono earbuds were designed with three important elements in mind: the highest performance audio possible, a sleek and stylish design to match your mood and style, and universal comfort.

Perfect for those who are active! Get outdoors and grab the Sono Earphones to play your music on the go. Caseco’s latest earbuds are designed to rest comfortably in your ear and remain securely in place for running or exercise. The strong bass response and tangle-free cable makes the Sono earbud the superior solution for all types of sports.

The Sono Earbud is every music lovers’ dream come true; providing a powerful base and a noise cancelling seal to reduce surrounding distractions. Very light-weight, these earbuds work with all smartphones. Each Sono earbud is equipped with an integrated microphone for answering calls on the fly while listening to your favorite tunes. The built in remote enables you to easily switch between calls and music. You will notice a significant improvement in sound volume. You may find yourself listening at a lower volume level than usual, yet enjoying it more. One listen, and we are sure that these will become your favorite earbuds.

Sono Earbuds Features

  • SPEAKER SIZE: 10 mm
  • FREQUENCY RANGE: 20 Hz–20 kHz
  • CABLE LENGTH: 120 cm
  • EARPHONE JACK: 3.5 mm

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