Air Wireless Charging Pad 10W Fast Charger


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Product Description

PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad

Embrace the future of charging technology-wireless.

Let your device enjoy an optimized charge by simply setting it down. Charge faster , and stay away from the charger for longer.

Charging has never been so simple.

  • Advanced Charging Technology
  • Optimized Temperature Control
  • Easy to Use


Case Friendly

One-step charging – forget about fumbling

Charge Optimally

Align your device in the center for high-speed charging.


Black, Grey, Silver, Golden

Item Weight

3.2 ounces

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3.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)

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  1. Why does it have to use super bright blue pulsating lights? It’s annoying in that aspect. Is much brighter than I expected. Other than that works great! Good thing I sleep with my eyes closed!

  2. What a piece of Junk. When it works, it works; when it doesnt it doesnt.The issue is in the USB connection, forget about the comment of the light bothering you at night.Ive tried the USB cord that came with the unit and several of my one and none work consistently. the USB connection is not solid, unplug and re plug to get it to turn on.Look for a different option or just send me your $20 and ill send you my POS.

  3. We have charged our Samsung 8 and 9, our son’s I-phone 6 and a friend’s I-phone successfully. It sure beats continuously replacing malfunctioning fast charging cables. Make sure to center your phone on charger until it shows it’s charging. I have purchased another for a friend. We’ve only been using it a short while so I don’t know how long it will continue working. The cord is as flimsy as my charging cord but since it’s never manipulated, it should last awhile.

  4. I got this because my phone stopped fast charging with a cable for whatever reason. I mainly charge my phone at night and I would NOT suggest this charger if you plan on doing the same. At least not if you sleep in the same room as your phone/charger. When the phone touches the pad, it needs to be dead center, but the pad is very slick and my phones moves a lot. Also, it emits a quite high-pitched beeping that I can sometimes hear at night. But by far the most annoying feature is the VERY bright, blue light that pulsates while the phone is charging.All that being said, it will charge with a case on, so long as it’s not too thick or has a pop it. It does charge fairly quickly too. Overall, it’s not a bad charger for the money. I just got a different one for charging at night.

  5. The reviews had me thinking this device lights up like Wal-Mart lights, and that’s definitely not the case, yes it has a thin blue light the lights up on and off while charging but it’s nothing that will disturb your sleep if your a charge your phone at night kind of person. I have a iPhone 8plus and the size takes up most of the disc, it’s small and thin and does exactly what’s its suppose to and looks great! For the price I definitely recommend it!

  6. Works great with my iPhone 8 however, as stated in the description there is light ring on the edge of the charger that flashes when you phone is on the charger. This is definitely something to think about if you are putting it on your night stand and light bothers you while you sleep (or try to).

  7. Love this convenient charger! It’s especially great to not have a wire to hunt for and it is easy to just put my phone down and pick up without being tethered to a wire. Definitely one of my favorite purchases. Works even with a huge otter box on the phone.

  8. Works great with Note 9 . Fast charging just works , and I love the design ( I actually like the lights ). If I would want to brag about anything , I would have preferred longer USB cable for charger itself.

  9. It works… it’s not quality. It doesn’t work with the case on my phone. It’s a pretty thin case. It takes FOREVER to charge. My phone has to be dead center for it to charge. Like most people my phone is my alarm and my phone didn’t character being on this charger all night a few times and I’ve woke up right when I need to leave because my phone vibrated and slipped away from the center. With all that being said, I still use it but I make sure my phone has 50% before I leave it on this charger all night.

  10. Works great even through my phone case. I can just place my phone down on it, and dont really have to fiddle with the position of my phone.